Welcome to the new home of affordable competitions. We are a Devon based, family run company, that aims to provide a fun and friendly place to enter competitions. We will have a number of live weekly draws, with a range of fantastic prizes with low odds. All competitions will have a fixed number of tickets which will be clearly listed, and a fixed time period before being drawn. This means you will have chance of winning without the risk of draws being extended or not sold due to low tickets sale. If we list the draw, it will happen when it states, no matter how many tickets are sold. We will have a range of ticket prices and a variety of amazing prizes so you can take part and enjoy the excitement, without have to spend lots of money for a long odds prize. We aim to have a large range of prizes and something for everyone. We are grateful you have come to see our website and if you have any questions please see our FAQs in the first instance, but we are also available via email if you can’t find the information you need.